SAVHDA Calendar of Events 2018

We have a number of SAVHDA Test Days, Seminars and Workshops planned for 2018, in Gauteng and the Western Cape.

This year we are offering more training days involving handling for the SAVHDA Tests, training for specific tests, and field training and surveys in new areas.

A Judging Workshop will be arranged on a date to be confirmed later.

More events will be added later in the year closer to the time.

Gauteng – Lize Venter (083 601 2191)
WCape – Mariann Wilson (082 268 7099)

Date (Day) Topic Where
January 27 (Saturday) SAVHDA Seminar (Junior Tests) Gauteng
February 10 (Saturday) SAVHDA Seminar (Novice Tests) Gauteng
February 17 (Saturday) SAVHDA Training Pigeon Shoot (TBC) Gauteng
February 17 (Saturday) SAVHDA Seminar (Junior and Novice Tests) Western Cape

March 21, and

March 24

(Wednesday, Saturday) SAVHDA Tests

Derby, NW

Boavida, GT

March 22 and/or

March 23

(Thursday, and/or

Friday - TBC)

SAVHDA Tests (on request,

depending on demand)

TBC - Gauteng

or Derby, NW

April 7-8 (Saturday-Sunday) SAVHDA Tests Western Cape
April 11-15 (Wed - Sunday)

SAVHDA SURVEY and Training

- Nieu Bethesda, Greywing Partridge

Eastern Cape

April 27 to

May 1

(Friday - Tuesday)

SAVHDA Training Days,

Field and Water

Derby, NW
June ??


SAVHDA Tests, depending on demand Gauteng
June 9 (Saturday) SAVHDA Training Western Cape
June 17 (Sunday) SAVHDA Tests Western Cape
September 1 (Saturday) SAVHDA Tests Western Cape
September 21-24 (Friday - Saturday) SAVHDA Field Meet, Tests and AGM Gauteng


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