Annual Test Reports

Click on the links below to download the relevant Test Reports for each Year(s).

results of the official kusa versatile/working tests held by the alliance clubs - 2021 to 2023

2021 - 2023 Results are posted here on the Test News pages!  Follow the link to see the most recent results!



the tests, below, were conducted under the old savhda tests and are not officially recognized. but they did start the process!!

savhda test reports 2018

radar diagrams 2018 - a unique look at overall test results!

We have compiled Radar Diagrams for each Test,. These diagrams display the Averages for all Test Results in 2018, and also all Test Results since the inception of SAVHDA. Each test is represented individually. See below for some interesting reading!

savhda test reports 2017

SAVHDA Test Reports 2016