Training Articles, Books and DVDs

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  •  Basic Puppy Training, by T Winter - HPR Puppy Training Notes, below
  • Basic Training, by M Deeley  - Gundog Puppy Training, below.....


Note: The above two books are excellent, taking you from start to finish through the training of the Versatile gundog. The first book is intended for the puppy’s first year or season. It can be used in conjunction with some basic training notes and/or classes. The second book covers advanced training and control for the young dog that has had a first season in the field and is at least 9 months of age.

  •  POINT! Training the All-Season's Bird Dog, by James Spencer, available through Amazon



USA DVDs covering Bird dog training. A different way of training than we use here, but of interest if you like to see different methods. Mike Hunt Gundog Supply might be able to order them for you (