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What is SAVHDA in 2023?

The South African Versatile Hunting Dog Alliance (SAVHDA) is  a non-profit organization that serves to promote the training, testing and performance characteristics of the working Versatile breeds (HPRs) and to support the clubs that are dedicated to this end.

The alliance clubs utilize performance-based testing systems to evaluate the hunting qualities of the Versatile Breeds, such as the German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP or Kurzhaar), German Wirehaired Pointer (GWP or Drahthaar), the Vizsla, Weimaraner,  Spinone etc.

The Versatile breeds, also known as the Hunt, Point and Retrieve (HPR) breeds, were developed on the European continent to satisfy the needs of the hunter who wanted a dog that would be truly versatile in all aspects of hunting. In developing these dogs, clubs and breeders developed certain tests that would aid in selection of traits best suited to their needs, and that would also certify dogs as fulfilling the required hunting standards. Over the years, these tests became standardized, and are in use throughout Europe, especially in Germany, and in North America.  

While SAVHDA initially offered their own similar system of standardized tests, the Alliance Clubs now offer officially recognized tests through the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA)! In addition to the pride of passing one of these tests, you receive a certificate and a detailed breakdown of the test scores - and the results of these tests are carried on your dog's pedigree!

In its current form, SAVHDA now exists to aid and promote the aims and objectives of the allied Clubs. There are currently 4 (four) clubs in the Alliance. Have a look and see which ones are in your area and of interest to you!

Background - historical

Article published in the Wingshooter Vol22 no 4 page 28 - 31


  • To promote the use of well-trained, reliable Versatile/HPR hunting dogs.
  • To promote an appreciation of the benefits and ethics of wingshooting with a capable Versatile/HPR hunting dog.
  • To promote versatile hunting tests as reliable measures of the working performance of the versatile hunting dog.
  • To promote the ethical use, training and breeding of the Versatile/HPR hunting dog through performance and health testing.
  • To promote and facilitate communication, cooperation and fellowship amongst the Alliance clubs and the Versatile/HPR fraternity in general.
  • To promote humane treatment of dogs and game and encourage respect for game laws.