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This is a page for SAVHDA members to list their litters and puppies or dogs for sale.

A dog is a lifelong (his life) commitment, so do your homework and choose wisely. Choose from proven bloodlines and parents with working/field qualifications. If possible, try to see the parents working. Ensure that the breeder registers his or her puppies with the KUSA or the NFTA. Finally, it's not all about work....these dogs are our beloved companions; health and longevity is also important! As a minimum, hips should be tested. In some breeds, eye and other health issues may be problematic. Ask the breeder what health tests they do!

In order to use this service, the following rules for listing must be complied with:

  • All litters, puppies and dogs must be registered with either the KUSA or the NFTA.
  • For litters and puppies, both parents must have passed the SAVHDA Novice Hunting, or higher Test.
  • For litters and puppies, both parents must have an official hip grading from an accredited scheme (FCI, OFA, BVA, etc).
  • If imported frozen semen is being used, equivalent titles from the JGHV, NAVHDA or other Versatile tests are acceptable. Frozen semen from deceased dogs will be reviewed on an individual basis.
  • If your listing is for a mature dog, then the dog must have a SAVHDA title. Alternatively, the rules above (1,2 and 3) for litters and puppies apply. Give the dog's registered name.
  • The Registered names of both parents of the litter, puppy or dog, and your contact information (with your name) must be given. Any additional information is desirable, but optional.
  • We need at least one photograph of the litter, puppy or dog

Kindly keep your listing relatively short, and if desired, provide a link for more information!

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Litters listed on this page are not necessarily an endorsement by SAVHDA. This is a complimentary service to our members only.

German shorthaired pointers

litter 1 - example only (all puppies are placed)

Planned breeding for late 2017:

      SIRE:   CH Gamehunters Taita of Bhulisa  “Taita II”SAVHDA NHT(2)  -  HPR Ft Awards

  •       Hips A2:A2, Lupoid Dermatosis non-carrier, SAVA Eye Certificate #G0306 (clear)
  •       Parents:    USA Dual CH FC Trekker V Grunbaum   x    Bhulisa Lemm “KC”

      DAM:   Bhulisa Edelweiss -  SAVHDA JVHT(1)  -  PRT  -  NHT(1)

  •       Hips A1:A1, Lupoid Dermatosis non-carrier, SAVA Eye Certificate #G0304 (clear)
  •       Parents:    Bhulisa Ulrich “Strike” NHT(3)    x     Gamehunters Mithral  “Silver”

Both Taita II and Edelweiss are outstanding hunting dogs with a pedigree to match, combining many of our imports and legendary producers. They are proven in the field and are healthy and well-adjusted house dogs, with excellent hips, clear for Lupoid Dermatosis and have SAVA Eye Certificates.

Taita II has a Prize 2 in the SAVHDA Novice Hunting Test and has field trial placements in HPR Derby and Maiden Stakes, as well as awards in British Breed Championship Stakes. Taita II was finding, pointing, backing and retrieving shot birds from 6 months of age, and developed early with minimal input. He adjusts well to a variety of environments and species and has an excellent nose. He is also a Show Champion. 

Edelweiss has a Prize I in the SAVHDA Junior Versatile Hunting Test and a Pass in the Preliminary Retrieving Test. She also recently passed the Novice Hunting Test with a Prize 1. She has a lot of drive but is very biddable, with a sweet, quiet temperament. Her nose and bird finding is superb like her dam’s and she is a hunting machine like her sire, with a wide range in open conditions but able to adjust when closer range is required.

For more information, contact Trudi Winter on 082 924 7440 or

See pedigree here....

German wirehaired pointers  /  Deutsch drahthaars